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Math Labs

Math Labs-Hands on Math Activities

Math Lab #1Commutative Property of Multiplication
Students demonstrate the commutative property of multiplicaion
using cubes.

Math Lab #2 Distributive Property and Area

Students use dice and graph paper to demonstrate the distributive property.

Math Lab #3 Area and Perimeter

Students constuct pens with certain areas and perimeters.

Math Lab #4 Area

Students take measurements and calculate the area of rectangles.

Math Lab #5 Lego Factors

Students use legos to show factors of numbers.

Math Lab #6 Distributive Property of Multiplication

Students use dice to create equations and model the distributive property.

Math Lab #7 Rounding to Nearest 10 and 100

Students roll dice and round the numbers.

Math Lab #9 Fractions

Students use dominoes to model fractions on a numberline.

Math Lab #10 Coordinates

Teacher places student pictures or names on a grid made on the floor with painter's tape.   Students plot the points on the coordinate grip.

Math Lab #11 Weight Word Problems

Students weigh bags and work with the numbers.

Math Lab #12 Order of Operations

Students use manipulatives to model the order of operations.

Math Lab #14 Area and Perimeter
Students roll dice to come up with meauremens for area and perimeter.